Flipped learning unleashed!

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Why teachers like GoFlip?

Upload your videos

You can upload your own videos to GoFlip and make them perfect for your audience.

Crop a video

Use only what you need from any video.
Get right to the point.

Embed quizzes and polls

Add questions and polls along the video to assess your students and track their understanding.

Expand beyond video

You can add rich text, images, Powerpoint, Excel, Word or PDF documents to make your lesson complete.

Share your videos and courses

You can share your videos or courses for other teachers to use for their lessons and vice-versa.

Track students' performance

You can track the progress and performance of your students - a value added tool for effective flipped classroom implementation.

Complete control

You have full control of who can have access to your courses.

Instant feedback

Your students can leave comments and discuss with with you and other students directly on your course page.


You will be notified when another teacher has shared a course with you or when your student has commented on your course.

The power of GoFlip in your classroom

Class progress

Get the data of all your students and
check their understanding

Student overview

Check where the students are struggling.
Also, check their answers to your quizzes.

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